Fall Fitness News From Wheel House SF

Greetings Spinners and Yogi’s!

The October chill has settled in, which means one thing: time to heat up with sweaty Vinyasa and spin sessions! As we sink into fall, we are reminded that nothing in life stays the same: summer is gone and it’s time to embrace new beginnings. Starting now, we invite you to open yourself up to a fitness change this season. Wheel House is here to support you on your personal fitness journey – wherever you’re at. Show up as is, and open yourself to change!

Speaking of change, there have been many transformations here at Wheel House, and we’re excited to bring you up to speed. We have exciting new classes on the schedule, an upcoming open house, and some fun opportunities for you!

Here’s the latest…

HALLOWEEN OPEN HOUSE: Wednesday October 30th // FREE Classes from 5:30 PM – 7:20 PM // Mingling & Fun ’til 9 PM

Complimentary class line-up for friends and family, yes, that means free! And, special 10% discounts on Series Passes purchased that day, at Wheel House. Stop by and say hello!

Indoor Cycling Line Up:

• 5:30pm WH Rhythm

• 6:30pm WH Rhythm

MAT Studio Line Up:

• 5:25pm – WH Pilates Athlete

• 6:15pm – WH Yoga Athlete

• 7:20pm – WH Smart Bell Sculpt


We’re excited to announce four new classes, including two 75 minute WH Yoga classes!  (Note: 75 minute classes are priced the same as 60 minute classes.)

WH Yoga Power Athlete:

  • A dynamic, physically energizing, and sports-specific form of yoga that is characterized by flowing sequences linked together by the breath. Emphasizing specific muscle groups and skills such as balance, twisting, and strength. This is a 75 minute mat workout, targeted to all-levels of participants. Click HERE for the schedule

WH Power Flow Yoga:

  • This Vinyasa style class focuses on breath as the means to linking body, mind, and movement. This class is dynamic, physically and spiritually. Incorporating standing poses, balances, inversions, twists, back bends, and hip openers – then ending in meditation. This is a 75 minute mat workout, targeted to all-levels of participants. Click HERE for the schedule.

WH Super Sculpt

  • The combination of Smart Bells and Resistance Bands will take your body to the next level of training in this all-inclusive sculpting class. Your muscular strength and endurance will be tested using Smart Bells and Resistance Bands combined with cardiovascular movement. A complete, total body workout – you’ll feel like you’re training one-on-one with a private trainer. Great for all levels of fitness. 60 minute workout; click HERE for the schedule.

WH Pilates Athlete

  • This challenging Pilates class takes you beyond the classical mat, incorporating core strengthening, dynamic movement sequencing, lengthening and muscle toning. With plenty of hands on personal attention to ensure safe, effective alignment, this open-level class will bring your practice to the next level with a better understanding of optimal form and precision, rock solid abs included. 45 minute workout; click HERE for the schedule.

 MEMBER SPECIAL: Free Buddy Weekends at WH!

Got a buddy? Bring them to a spin or mat class! WH Members can bring a friend or family member to any class on any weekend in November, for FREE! For those who are unaware, we are pen 7 days a week. Here’s our weekend schedule:

• Saturdays: 7:45 AM PST until 6 PM PST (first class starts 8 PM and last class at 5 PM)

• Sundays: 8:45 AM PST until 2:30 PM PST (first class starts 9 AM and last class at 1:45 PM)

** We offer weekend parking validation via the Embarcadero Center parking garage, so be sure to validate your parking stub at the front desk for up to 4 hours of FREE parking!


No, we are not opening a second boutique studio in another city – yet . But, we do have the following expanded offerings that we’re excited to share:

Are you ready for the MYZONE WH challenge? (Jan 2014)

Some of you may have wondered why our cycling bikes don’t have meters that track heart rates, watts, calories burned and other metrics. Well, we asked ourselves whether that was really an accurate picture of how much effort a person has expended, given the fact that we’re all different, with different bodies. That’s why we’ve opted to introduce the MYZONE system into our studio. This system not only monitors accurate readings, but automatically uploads those readings into your own cloud-based account, every time you work out at Wheel House – how cool is that? For extra fun, and some incentive to reach your fitness goals, the MYZONE system will introduce intensity zones, which will allow you to earn points for every 5 minutes of energy you cycle ‘in the zone’! With leader boards and team based competitions, we’ll be taking indoor cycling to a whole new level in 2014!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the MYZONE system.

Locker Rooms

Yes, we need to get additional lockers in the changing rooms…we just didn’t realize we’d grow this fast! In case you wondered, these custom lockers require 3 months for delivery from the time they are purchased and we placed a ‘rush’ order in mid-September. So, if you find that you need a locker and none are available, please see a member of our team and we will gladly store your items safely near the desk. As always, we appreciate your patience during our growth period.

Well, that’s a wrap…for now. Stay tuned for more news on the latest events, promotions, classes, workshops, and more. Hope to see you at our Halloween Open House!


The Wheel House SF Team

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