TRX: The In’s and Out’s

You may have noticed black and yellow straps hanging in the Wheel House yoga room resembling medieval torture devices. Don’t worry! These funky looking straps won’t harm you; in fact they can improve your daily or weekly workouts in more ways than one.

Those black and yellow straps are TRX, a suspension training system developed by former Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick. During active duty, Hetrick was unable to regularly attend the gym, so he took a Karate belt and some parachute webbing to create the first portable suspension training device. Today, TRX weighs less than two pounds and is extremely portable. It offers a full-body work out while maintaining proper alignment, stabilization and balance. Instructors and users of TRX agree it’s a beneficial supplement to their work out regiment. With the ability to customize the intensity and focus of your work out to match your fitness goals, TRX is perfect for people of all fitness levels, from professional athletes to beginners.

Wheel House TRX instructor Sydney James has been working with a TRX team in a physical therapy setting for over 2 years. James was first introduced to suspension training as a client and quickly implemented TRX into her professional practice. James says, “TRX assists movement that a client might otherwise have difficulty performing, and takes the load off healing bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles during the rehab process.”

As a woman and a professional dancer, I know how important it is to build strength, balance, and maintain flexibility. Rather than lifting heavy weights at the gym and building bulky muscles, I prefer using TRX, and thus, my own body weight, to build long, sleek muscles. TRX workouts are the perfect supplement to my cardio workouts. Since Wheel House began offering TRX, I have only taken a few of the classes. After only a few sessions, I have already noticed more stability in my shoulders and hips, as well as an increase in my core strength.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, dancer, computer software designer, or CEO, TRX suspension training will change your life! Don’t take my word for it; come try a class at Wheel House.

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