The Value of Good Shoes

Are you looking to bump up the intensity of your spin workouts? For some riders, the fear of slipping out of their cages (aka pedals) prevents them from giving it their all. Others are simply sick and tired of foot cramps after long rides, so they hold back during their workout. These are common issues for cyclists who ride without proper footwear. Here is a game-changing solution from the Wheel House team that your feet will love: Invest in Cycling Shoes! 

So, what exactly are cycling shoes?

Compared to your run-of-the-mill sneaker or running shoe, cycling shoes are designed with a stiffer sole, a “clip” slightly below the ball of the foot (which hooks to the bike’s pedal), and secure closures to keep you locked in. Some cycling shoes even have grips which are recommended for walking around when not on your bike (to avoid slipping on sweaty studio floors!)

What are some advantages?

Cycling shoes provide a shoe clip that securely attaches to your pedal. Clipping in helps cyclers get into the push/pull momentum desired. The thicker soles provide better support and allow for even distribution of force to the pedal. Clipping in also helps with focus; instead of worrying if your foot might slip, you’ll be able to focus on maintaining form and breath.

Our trainers have provided tips on finding the right shoe for you, along with their personal shoe choice!

Isgr chooses his shoe for its durability. His choice: Sidi 2013 Men’s Duran Mountain Cycling Shoes

Isgr Shoe

Victoria likes her shoes because of the secure closures that provide a snug fit. Her choice: Shimano SH-WM62 Mountain Bike Shoes

Victoria Shoe

Vanessa likes her shoes because of the light rubber grips. Her choice: Shimano SH-WM50 Mountain Bike Shoes

Vanessa Shoe

Zack’s loves his shoe for its clean, sleek look. His choice:  Pearl iZUMi Men’s Tri Fly IV Cycling Shoe

Zach Shoes


If you have any questions about the right shoe for yourself, don’t hesitate to ask your instructor before or after class, or stop by the front desk anytime!


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