Ramp Up Your Yoga at Wheel House

Is the WH Yoga Athlete class just not enough for you? Are you ready to push your practice to the next level? Wheel House yoga instructors Nick Palladino and Travis Hollister are thinking outside the box this month, combing Smart Bells and TRX suspension training to their Yoga practice. Sound interesting? Here’s the scoop:

Living by the mentality that you are only as strong as the practice you do, Nick attended a Wheel House TRX class this past week to further his training. Nick was pleasantly surprised by the intensity of the class and how useful this training could be in combination with his yoga practice. TRX uses a practitioner’s own bodyweight as resistance; sculpting the body to create long and lean muscles. Adding the resistance of TRX equipment to your yoga practice can help more effectively stabilize the core as well as many of the hypermobile joints such as the shoulders and hips. This can help not only with strength and injury prevention, but flexibility as well.

Nick also found the TRX straps to be a great tool to help beginners get into more complicated positions and to push the advanced students to reach the next level of their practice. After much thought, Nick has designed a 60 minute class beginning February 11th at 5:10pm, combining his passion for Yoga and his new-found interest in TRX. It’s a one of a kind class you don’t want to miss! Check out Nick’s schedule here!

In addition to Nick’s new Yoga/ TRX class, we’ll also be adding a Smart Yoga class to the schedule, taught by our newest yoga instructor Travis Hollister. Smart Yoga is an athletic flow yoga class that combines Smart Bell weights to ramp up your upper body workout — helping yogis achieves those envious tank top arms! The bells can also take the place of straps and blocks to increase extension and enhance core strength. This class is already in full swing and taught by Nick Palladino at 3:45pm every Friday for the next two weeks. Beginning February 21st Travis will grace Wheel House with his fresh energy to instruct the 3:45pm Friday Smart Yoga class. Come check out this all in one practice!

You don’t want to miss these one of a kind classes. We’re pushing the limits and thinking outside the box at Wheel House; come be a part of this innovative community!

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