How to refer a friend and get rewarded!

I have just over 83,000 emails in my Outlook email client – I checked this morning ugh. I’m not proud of it and although i feel its somewhat organized I dare not change anything just “in case” I might need some of them one day and would not be able to find them. Hopefully, you’re much better at managing your inbox than I will ever be! But just in case, we’ve implemented a referral tool for you to invite friends/colleagues to a Wheel House class through your online WH account rather than cluttering  your email! Whats more –  if your friend attends their first 10th class your account will automatically be credited with 10 USD.

Just follow these 4 simple steps:

    1. Using a browser, navigate to http//
    2. Click on the Account button and login to your WH Account
    3. Scroll down to the new Referrals section and click the link ‘invite a friend’.
    4. Key in the email addresses and add a personal message, click on Send when finished.

That’s it! Your friends get an email and instructions on how to enroll. The WH System tracks your referrals and will credit you once they have taken their 10th class.

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