Health Seminar by Yours Truly! Meditation Starter Kit

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Unwind and find peace of mind, this Thursday with Greg Wieting at Wheel House!

We are pleased to be hosting our second, 30 minute Health Seminar by Yours Truly.

Our guest speaker, Greg Wieting  is a Wheel House yoga instructor and  Visionary Health Consultant. Greg has crafted a unique meditation starter kit that he is pleased to share with you. Learn 5 simple practices to shift out of stress so you can find balance and relax into an alert awareness preparing you for meditation.  The principle benefit of meditation is to create space between the chronic commentary of the mind and our natural state of peace and bliss.  It allows us to gain some distance and understand that we do not need to identify with or fight against our whirling thoughts and emotions.  Meditation develops our capacity to exist in the present moment and experience that moment from a perspective of relaxed yet alert awareness. Through the practice of meditation you may also gain an expansion of your consciousness.  This self-awareness improves our intuition and strengthens our self-expression allowing us to flow through life with greater ease and power.

Don’t let stress get the best of you, we all have clutter in our lives, from work to family. We invite you to use this opportunity to discover the tools to effectively manage your busy lives in this fast pace city.

Do yourself a favor and take 30 minutes to gain life changing tools to carry you throughout the day. Join Greg W. and the Wheel House Team this Thursday, April 24 at 11:30 for your own meditation starter kit!

Be Well,


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