Introducing Wheel House Yoga Athlete.

In case you missed it, we’ve made some changes to our Yoga program designed specifically with you in mind. Who are you? you’re an athlete. You’re someone who cares about their fitness level regardless of ability and you’re keen to improve your overall health. You’re also someone who leads a hectic lifestyle and therefore wants to maximize every workout you undertake. Introducing you –  the WH Yoga Athlete.

What is a Yoga Athlete?

Yoga Athletes understand the importance of full-body fitness and pushing themselves to be better. Yoga Athletes enjoy many different types of fitness from traditional sports to spinning, running, bootcamps and TRX. They use yoga as a way to feel better, improve performance and physique while reducing injuries and stress levels.

Why take a class?

Wheelhouse offers a yoga experience like no other studio in San Francisco. We offer classes throughout the day from morning to night, which work with even the busiest of work schedules. We provide you with all the equipment and showers you need to get your workout in, relieve some stress and get back to work feeling refreshed and ready to take on any challenge. Wheelhouse yoga classes are mid-sized, heated and challenging, which means you get a great workout in and plenty of attention from our premiere teachers.

What is a Yoga Athlete class?

A Yoga Athlete class is heated Vinyasa, taught to energizing music, which focus on building full-body strength, flexibility and balance. Each class is designed with the athlete in mind to improve performance, recovery time and injury prevention. Yoga Athlete classes are dynamic and incorporate movements from traditional yoga and sports to create the strongest, most-well balanced experience and body possible. Above all, Yoga Athlete classes are taught by teachers who are Yoga Athletes themselves and love to share their passion and knowledge in smaller, more attentive classes than other large studios

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