NEW: Yoga Levels & Yoga Athlete Restore

Hey WH Yogis! Check out the new updates to our Yoga schedule. Now, WH Yoga classes are designed to be more specific to your level’s needs to promote a deeper practice and progression in your WH Yoga routine. Plus, a weekend restorative yoga class to recharge before the work week.


WH Intro to Yoga Athlete (1)

Introducing the initial poses of yoga in an understandable and easy digestible way. Designed to be “yoga for all”, open and welcoming. Basic breathing, standing and seated poses which focus on correct form and alignment. Asking questions is encouraged. 60 minutes.


WH Yoga Athlete (1-2)

 Comfortable with the beginning poses of Yoga Athlete, take your practice to the next level in this more challenging class format. Vinyasa sequences and athletic transitions are introduced: intermediate standing, balancing, seated and twisting poses which are held longer. 60 minutes.


WH Yoga Athlete (2)

Moving faster introducing more challenging poses: backbends, inversions, arm-balances and advanced variations etc. Challenging physically and mentally in a fun and inspiring way. 60 minutes.


WH Yoga Athlete (2-3)

Most challenging Yoga Athlete level. Added focus on building strength, poses held longer and deeper. Including handstands, arm balances and sports specific movements. 1 year’s practice or recommendation from a WH yoga instructor is suggested. 75 minutes.


WH Yoga Athlete Restore

In order to perform and be their best, Yoga Athletes also let their bodies recover. Yoga Athlete Restore classes focus on light stretching and deep relaxation to complete your yoga practice. They are the perfect way to end a long stressful week or to give your body a much needed rest after hours of indoor cycling, TRX, and challenging Yoga classes.

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