It’s time for a makeover – Wheel House 2.0!

Whilst some of you have been spin dancing to your hearts content or practicing your zen on the 40th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel through our partner Yoga in the Sky program, we’ve been silently working behind the scenes revisiting the Wheel House vision. In line with our original design and concept you’ll start to notice changes over the next few weeks with the installation of an all encompassing, tech savvy instructor stage, window blinds and…..drum roll (please)….mood lighting. At the flick of a switch (or a touch on the iPad!!) we’ll be able to turn the spin studio from a casual morning ride with warm colors into a hip-popping nightclub dance theme for our “Alpha” riders of the evening.

That’s not all we’ve planned! For our Yogi’s the Mat studio will also get its fair share of lights and a window covering that will create an intimate and relaxing experience whether you’re in a downward dog or doing Pushup’s in Aemar’s muscle pumping class….after all, we had to make sure all Wheel House members experienced the change.

Ready for more? You’ll just have to wait until next time!






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