How to survive your first WH Spin Class

Taking your first spin class can be daunting – I know since it took me a few weeks to pluck up the courage to actually get on a bike several years ago. I used to walk past the spin “studio” at my local gym thinking those crazy people are at it again going wild on stationary bikes or wow – that seems too dangerous, shouldn’t there be some resistance on those bikes? Either way, I managed to somehow convince Carl that it was a good idea for us to give it a try and sure enough we got on a bike and fumbled our way through the first few classes we took. That was 12 years ago.

At Wheel House one of key goals is to make our members comfortable transitioning into fitness classes never tried before, that’s why I’ve compiled the following tips for any new spin riders to help ease you into your first spin ride:

  1. Show up early for class and get fitted. No matter how many times we say it, people tend to show up on time for the class and don’t leave enough room for us to help with bike setup. Whilst that’s good enough for most studios, at Wheel House, we like to ensure you are setup correctly for the bike. That’s why all our front desk staff are certified spin instructors, that includes Michaela, Patrick, Andrew and yours truly 😉
  2. Find a Bike where you can clearly see the instructor. You can still hide in the back if you so choose, just make sure you can see the instructor. This will enable the instructor to keep an eye out for you and ensure you are comfortable during the ride.
  3. Ride at your own pace. It’s not a race and not everyone can do all the moves shown by the instructor. If you cannot keep up, DO NOT feel intimidated! we all had to go through a learning curve and just because you may not be able to keep up or do all the moves doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good work out.  Our instructors are trained to show alternative moves for those who may need that extra help. If you have to leave early, thats ok too!
  4. Re-hydrate when you need to and take breaks when you want. Our instructors don’t mind you grabbing a drink or sitting back down in the saddle to get some rest. Drink water when you need to and make sure you drink plenty after the ride.
  5. Stretch afterwards. If you can, try to stay until the end of the class as the instructor will guide you through some basic stretch moves that will help with recovery. In fact, if you need additional time to stretch, let us know at the front desk and we can make rollers/mats etc available to you. However, if 45 mins is too much initially, do 30 mins and stretch outside near the front desk.
  6. Attitude. Think positively, try your best and smile as you can only improve from here on. On rare occasions, I hear people mention the class was not hard enough as they come out of the spin room. If you find the class easy, you should increase your resistance level as only you can get out what you put in.

Remember, we are here to help and if you have any questions speak to our staff at the front desk or your instructor. In fact, our instructors always look to class attendees for feedback and love to chat about anything that can be improved upon!

Till next time!

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