Upgrade U – Cycling Studio Edition


In case you’ve been prepping for hibernation decided to take an extended fitness hiatus, you’ve probably seen the brand spanking new upgrades for the yoga studio. The yoga props now have a proper home in the newly built ‘prop library’, the studio doors have been sound proofed, and we’ve purchased new props for all of the yoga studio classes. There are still a few more changes to make but the cycling studio could use a bit of love too!

Que the new instructor podium in the cycling studio! With the help of Ian M., Scottish carpenter extraordinaire, he was able to create the orange raised instructor platform. This addition is just one of many that we have planned! Here’s a peek of what we have planned:

  • Vibrant Lighting – We’re bringing the nightclub into our studio with strobe lights and LED lighting.
  • Blackout Curtains – What a better way to enhance new lighting than with a curtains to block out natural lighting?
  • Room Automation – In just two taps on the iPad, we will transform the cycling studio into a nightclub.


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