10 Tips After Your First WH Rhythm Class

“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.”  ~ Plato

Your workout doesn’t end after your last cool down song! You’ve given it your all in class and you should definitely do the same for your post workout. We’ve compiled the best tips from instructors, members and the front desk on things to do after your first WH Rhythm.

  1. Double-check your bike measurements. Wheel House takes pride in giving you an accurate fitting for our SPINNER BLADES but sometimes settings might not work for your comfort and/or body movements. Check with your instructor and report your new numbers to the front if you change your settings.
  2. Fuel Up! Your muscles need proper nutrients for recovery and growth after an intense workout! Give your body what it needs with a handful of dry snacks or a piece of fruit from our snack table.
  3. Rehydrate! This is definitely a no-brainer but its bears repeating. You body sweats to cool itself down after a grueling working. Treat yourself to a tall drink of water to replenish all your lost fluids.
  4. Signup for your next class. We get it! Starting a new fitness regiment can be both mentally and physically taxing but if you hold yourself accountable you’ll be more likely to stick to a routine.
  5. Talk to us! Our instructors and front desk are all ears when it comes to questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions. Wheel House strives to be the best and all it takes is your voice to get us there!
  6. Stretch up and Cool Down. Your workout will inevitably lead to lactic acid buildup (leads to sore muscles) and increased body temperatures. Stretching helps dissipate lactic acid buildup while a cool shower will help soothe sore muscles and lower body temp.
  7. Stay Active. Don’t let your body come to a screeching halt after a workout. Active recovery alleviates some muscle soreness and stiffness by stimulating blood circulation without overexerting your already sore muscles!
  8. Mix it Up! Cycling utilizes a wide variety of muscles located in different parts of your body. Cross training takes this fact into consideration and strengthens muscles that indirectly affect your cycling. We highly recommend any WH Yoga Athlete as your cross training class.
  9. Get a good night’s rest! A proper amount of rest provides ample time for your torn muscles to start repairing. Coupled with proper nutrition and hydration, you’ll be ready for your next workout.
  10. Take it one step at a time. Taking your first class is impressive regardless of how well you did. Even if you were huffing and puffing the entire time, remember that someday this will be your warmup!

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