Winter Fitness Wonderland


Flooded streets, torrential downpours, and lightning storms – oh my! Winters in the Bay Area are usually a bummer but we have released a new schedule to lift up your spirits and prepare you for spring. Here are a few changes:

  • Expanded morning lineup: We’ve opened a little earlier to shake up your morning routine. The first class is now at 6:15AM and will run for 45 minutes in length. For late risers, an 8:05AM express class has been thrown into the mix.
  • Specialized Sculpt Classes: It’s a well-known fact that you’re only as strong as your weakest link. We’re applying this age old saying to our sculpt program. Each class session will have a strong emphasis on two major muscle groups. Our current specializations are as follow: Arms & Shoulders, Chest & Back, and Butt & Legs.
  • New Late Afternoon and Evening Time Slots: Have you ever had 4PM roll around only to realize there’s nothing left to do at the office or you’re just simply fed up with work? Que in the 4:15PM and 4:30PM classes. How about those times when you underestimated that last-minute project? We got you covered with our 7:30PM class.

There are several smaller changes so be sure to head over to our Schedule page for more info!

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