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Zack has been an instructor at Wheel House from our early days, and brings a wealth of knowledge and excitement to his classes. He is a self proclaimed nerd, is the guest you want over if you hate doing dishes, and an all around great guy!
You can find him teaching classes Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Originally a Midwesterner who has adopted San Francisco as his new city.

After chatting with him it was clear to see why so many people love his classes!  Hopefully this will give you all a small taste of his personality, and what he would bring over for dinner at your house.


Outside of the studio where can we find you on a typical day?

On a weekday, definitely spending the vast majority of time at work. Trying to add the gym (for lifting, NOT a competitor’s spin class!) back into my morning routine on days when I don’t teach, but I don’t understand how you morning people are able to get out of bed that early every day when the bed  is so warm and happy. On weekends, I wander about to enjoy the weather as much as I can. I live out in the Cow Hollow / Marina area where we are known for having a neighborhood-level span of agoraphobia, so chances are you will see me around there.

What do you do for work?

I am a Compensation Consultant for a firm that specializes in Technology and Biopharmaceutical companies. My focus is on Executive Compensation (salary, bonus, and equity) and corporate governance surrounding these issues, for both public and private companies. Lots of Excel and Powerpoint. Are you asleep yet?

Why should a member take your class?

Because Carl’s classes are already full! … But for real, I think each of our instructors offers a unique ‘spin’ on the Wheel House class methodology that make his or her class special. For my class, I love mixing up the rhythm with some tougher hills and sprints. I want your legs to be sore the next day. If you take my Smart Rhythm class, I want it to hurt to brush your teeth the next morning. But most of all, I put my genuine personality out there in my class. If you can put up with a lame joke every now and then, I think that my excitement for teaching pervades the room and really brings a great energy to it.

What people can expect from your class?

They can expect a workout experience that will test what they thought their limits were when they came into class. But with the music, lights, and yours truly at the front of the room, it will be delivered in a way that is supportive of your individual fitness level, rhythmic and fun. I am proud of everyone who hops on a bike in that classroom and they can expect me to do my best to guide them toward their goals.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Ride or Die… Just kidding.  Nerd, curious, sarcastic

What’s your all-time favorite food?

See below.

What’s your go to take out service?

I’ll keep it 100, I eat at Tacko in the Marina at least once a week. I know that isn’t a service, per se, but the people need to know. Either a Carne Asada San Francisco burrito or the Chicken Salad. Plus they always put some chips in your to-go bag. You feel like you are cheating the system… As far as Apps go, I use Eat 24. I have no idea if it is the best, but it has enough places I like that I keep going back to it.

You have people coming over/ you are going out and  have to make a dish to serve them. What you do make that you know is always a hit?

I make the executive decisions to bring the cheese / meat tray and agree to do all the clean-up for the people who know what they are doing in the kitchen. This is the sign of an efficient economy, let people produce where they have a comparative advantage. Mine happens to be in washing the dishes afterwards.

Favorite happy hour in San Francisco?

Monroe on Broadway Street on Friday night. They do $1 drinks and 70’s music from 6pm-7pm, $2 drinks and 80’s music from 7pm-8pm, and build up in price and decade until 10pm. Going home around 10pm, enjoying some old hits, and spending less than $20 is not too shabby.

Your friend is visiting what is the number one place you take them in San Francisco?

The rooftop of the house I am at has a ridiculous view across the Bay and of the City. I typically have friends visiting from Chicago, which is overall a pretty boring landscape other than Lake Michigan. They see the view from the roof on a sunny day and wonder why they haven’t moved to San Francisco yet.

Where are you from? What brought you to San Francisco?

Born in Portland, Maine, and lived there until I was two. My family, which includes my parents and me, then moved to the Chicago suburbs. We stayed there for four years before moving to Long Beach, Indiana. Yes, there is a beach in Indiana. Yes, that is where my occasional Midwest drawl comes from. I went to University of Chicago, played baseball there and majored in Economics. When the time came for finding a job, I thought I was going to stay in Chicago. The right opportunity didn’t come up so I expanded my search and I thank my lucky stars I ended up in SF. The city is gorgeous and the people are smart, kind, and a lot of fun. Four years later I feel like this is home now. If only I didn’t have to hustle as a spin instructor to afford rent…

Favorite season?

Summer! The days are longer, people are happier, work is lighter, etc. And back in Indiana, where they have real summer weather, it is great for the beach and boating on Lake Michigan.

What 3 things are always in your gym bag?

My spin class notebook (which I hope one day gets framed and hung up at the studio), a lacrosse ball for getting out any knots in the muscles, and, most importantly, deodorant.

Something that you love and never gets old

The Lord of the Rings movies. As I said before… NERD.

If you were stuck in the elevator who would you want with you?

An elevator repair man would be right at the top of the list.

Biggest life changing moment so far?

Birth was a pretty big one, but moving to San Francisco, hands down.

Tell us your secret talent.

I have an uncanny ability to recollect song lyrics, movie quotes, and other random facts on which my brain should not be wasting space.

Who would play you in a movie?

One lucky S.O.B., that is who.

Best gift you ever received?

Waking up every day is the greatest gift I could ask for. We lose track of this so often, myself included. But no matter what in your work life, personal life, etc. may be wearing you down, take a second to think about the big picture… It is pretty damn cool to be alive.


You can sign up for one of Zack’s many classes on our schedule which you can find here.

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