TRX Hints and Tips for your first class

TRX Tips

Here at Wheel House we offer 21 TRX classes a week, with 8 different instructors! That makes your chances of finding a class to not only fit your schedule but with an instructor that fits your personality are super high.  All of our instructors are top of the line TRX trained instructors and are here to help you love TRX as much as they do.

Many people are not familiar with TRX and might sign up for a class just because it sounds interesting, or they want to try something new all which are wonderful reasons, and today’s post is meant to help those who are new to this class, or just want some helpful hints.  I asked one of our newest Wheel House TRX instructors Alison to help me out and give me some of her best tips for a beginner and below you will find our top tips.

Arrive Early!

Arriving early is not only a helpful hint for a beginner to TRX but to any fitness class you take that doesn’t require prebooking a spot. By being there before class begins, you are setting yourself up to have the most successful workout you can get. This is especially pertinent for newcomers in that it will give you time to scope out the studio space, and find a good spot in the studio. When picking your spot, you are going to want to find a spot that not only makes you comfortable, but one that allows you to have a great visual on your instructor. Chances are being a beginner you might not know all the moves or the flow of the class, so you will want to be able to see everything your instructor demonstrates without too much view obstruction.

Talk to your Instructor!

This goes along with arriving early to class, but make sure you let your instructor know that you are new, or a beginner. To do this you do not want to be strolling in right on time or 5 minutes late when the instructor is busy setting up or teaching. Your instructor is there to help you, they want you to get a great workout in, and they want to keep you safe. Letting them know you are new will allow them to check to make sure your alignment is correct, and that your motions are proper to not hurt yourself. They might even have hints or suggestions to help modify any sets for your level, all of our instructors demonstrate movements for all levels, but it is always helpful to know when there is a beginner.

Go at your Pace!

Every class is filled with students at all different levels, some students have been doing TRX weekly for years or months so they are more advanced, others are in the middle, and some are at the start. Just like in school, everyone is at a different level, and it is the instructors job to pace the room and give various skill level options. If you are comparing or trying to do a more advanced set you could end up injuring yourself in the long- what nobody wants to happen! It is ok to struggle at first, no one is perfect the first time they try a new activity and it is important to remind yourself that you are still learning. So go at your pace, get a feel for the class, and always make sure to workout both sides of your body!

Ask for Assistance!

If you are struggling, or simply do not know how to do the exercise ask for help. Your instructors are there to help you, just as your classroom teacher growing up was there to help you, but they need to know you need help. As much as we would like it our instructors cannot read our minds, they may see us struggling and come to offer help, but if you don’t explain what is difficult or what you do not understand they wont be able to provide as much help. They want you to get the best workout you can in those 30, or 45 minutes they have with you, they want you to enjoy your class, and come back again. That means they are invested in you and want to help in any way they can, as long as they are still able to focus on all the other students and the exercises.

Remember your Anchor!

In TRX the anchor point is key. This is the spot above you that the TRX band is connected to and what will give the band slack or not depending on your position to this spot. The more distance between you and the anchor point will determine how difficult the exercise will be.

Proper alignment and positioning

In TRX the end motion is what will determine your positioning, it why you might see your instructor start each set demo from the end position before going into the set.  This is because your end position of the set is where the most slack will be, this is where you will determine how close, or how far away from your anchor point you want to end up. Too much slack= broken body parts and we do not want that to happen.  Engage your core! Alison said this is so important when it comes to proper positioning and it is important to remember.  Every position, every set, you are using your core, you are engaging your ab muscles and because of that it is import to stay in a plank position- even standing, or using the TRX at a 45* angle, you need to make sure to engage as if you are in a flat plank position.  Alison says make sure that you are being mindful of your core throughout the entire class, keeping your glutes tight, while engaging your quads, rib cage, and keeping your spine nice and long!  By being mindful of this positioning and alignment, you are going to keep your body in its safest position, and it will cause you to work harder resulting in a better workout.



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