Healthy Holiday Season

Where has this year gone! Thanksgiving is just two short weeks away which means we are gearing up full speed for the 2015 Holiday season, and with  the holiday season just upon us, that means there are  going to be lots of parties, large indulgent meals, and pictures galore.  Well the holiday’s don’t need to and shouldn’t interfere with your own personal health and fitness goals.  Instead, they should be used as an encouragement to keep going and continue on your path of success.   Here are some simple tips to keep you healthy and working towards your goals these next few months.  It typically takes 6 weeks before a routine can become a habit, so feel confident that by mid December you can be well on your way to creating a habit out of all these tips!

Write down your goals.

This seems tedious, and is always suggested, but something that has always helped me is writing it down because it makes it tangible, real, and attainable.  Now don’t be extreme, be realistic, you want to be able to cross off those goals! If you have one big goal, instead of just writing that one down, write multiple goals that lead up to your big goal. This allows you to reward yourself after each goal. Sometimes putting lots of smaller goals down first helps with the reality of the goal, and allows us to really work towards the big one without feeling like it is impossible.

Plan Ahead

This tip works hand in hand with your goals in a way.  By planning ahead, you are able to designate specific times to achieving your goals, and you are able to make sure what you put into your body is just as important as what you do physically.  Plan ahead by booking some of our upcoming classes! On Thanksgiving morning Zack O is teaching a 9:30 am class which is a great alternative to the typical Turkey Trot 5k’s around the city, and still gives you that extra excuse to indulge on that extra slice of pie later in the day. If Thanksgiving is booked, we have a special guest celebrity cycling instructor coming to Wheel House to teach 4 classes over a 2 day period( 5-6 December) and you can sign up here!

Use this step to not only plan ahead on your fitness schedule, but also on your meals. Sit down each week and meal plan, and figure out what you will make for dinner and your lunch each day. This step will not only help your bank account stay happy this holiday season (more money for gifts?) but also keep you aware of what it is you are eating and putting into your body.

Sign Up for a Winter Themed Activity

This can go along with plan ahead! There are always races happening throughout San Francisco, so finding a race that is Holiday/ Winter themed shouldn’t be difficult. Here at Wheel House we have a thing for themed classes, and with the holiday season fast approaching, Carl is busy planning a fun month of various themed classes from music groups, movies, to holidays there is guaranteed to be a class that you will enjoy.  While signing up for a class is a simpler way to achieve this step, it can also be used as a training tool to help you prepare and train for a bigger race that you might be signed up for later on in the season.

Stay Hydrated

This one is huge! So many people tend to forget to drink water throughout the day year round.  With the “winter” months approaching us, it is just as important now as it was in the summer heat to be upping our water intake. With winter means cold, bundling up, while having our heaters and fireplaces blazing. While that is all well and good- and can put us even more in the spirit of the season, it can also do a number on our skin!  By staying hydrated, we not only keep our skin looking plump, full, and glowing, but we also keep our body full.  So make sure to hydrate with water all day long, and be sure to use lotions!

Bundle Up

While we are lucky in San Francisco to not have the freezing, and below freezing weather temperatures that many people experience during these colder months, it does get colder this time of year.  When the temperatures outside drop, our body temperatures drop as well. So after working out, and getting your body all nice and warm, the last thing you want to do is go outside and release all that heat.   Taking a few simple steps after you workout and before you walk out our doors will help insure that heat stays inside your body.  If you wash your hair, don’t leave with it soaking wet- blow dry it! Here at Wheel House, our locker rooms are stocked with blow dryers, hair ties etc to help you get ready after a hard workout.  IF you must leave with wet hair, make sure you put on a hood or a hat to keep the warmth in as best as possible.  Layer on up! Many of us San Franciscans have perfected our way of layering and we all have our own way of doing it, so make sure when you walk out our doors, you have layered on up and are nice and cozy!

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