Instructor Series – Liza


Liza is one of our Wheel House Spin Instructors, and is full of energy and life.  Ask her about the next piece of jewelry you might be considering, and she can give you hints, tips, and trick on how to pick the best piece for you!  She loves a great happy hour and ends her classes right in time to make it over to her favorite happy hour spots! Find our where she would travel to ride her road bike with her husband. 



Outside of the studio where can we find you on a typical day?

I am in a car, on a plane, or sitting at my desk working for a Jewelry Manufacturing company. At Jabel we design, sell, and manufacture high end bridal and diamond jewelry.

Why should a member take your class?

I try to make every class an experience as opposed to “getting your cardio in for the day.”  I’ll leave you feeling refreshed not only physically, but mentally as well.

What people can expect from your class?

They can expect great music, high energy, and a bit of pop culture.

What’s your all-time favorite food?

My mom makes the best vegetable lasagna.  In the summer when we get our farm share, she crams all the vegetables into a lasagna pan and uses mozzarella instead of ricotta.  It’s delish.

What’s your go to take out service?

My husband and I love Indian food.  When we moved to San Francisco, we learned that the food here is so much more spicy than New York City.  So, figuring out a good place that could make it East Coast spicy wasn’t that easy.

You have people coming over/ you are going out and  have to make a dish to serve them. What you do make that you know is always a hit?

Pulled pork in lettuce wraps.  You make it in the slow cooker so it makes your whole house smell so good when your guests walk in!

Favorite happy hour in San Francisco?

The best happy hour is at Palm House in the Marina.  It is close to where I live, and they ahve great food and wine!

Your friend is visiting what is the number one place you take them in San Francisco?

I take everyone to Wheel House.  Afterwards we go out downtown, but it’s important they get their exercise in before a fun night!

Where are you from? What brought you to San Francisco?

I am from Washington Depot, Connecticut.  I moved out to San Francisco with my husband, Tyler in 2014.  Tyler had a new job opportunity, and I was excited to escape the New England winters.

Favorite move on a spin bike?

In my smart rhythm class, I lead you through almost 100 push ups, then we grab our smart bells and just hold them up at face level.  Your arms are burning so bad that it feels so good.

If you could travel one place in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go and why?

My husband and I want to take our road bikes and head to Germany.  There would be nothing better than spending the day biking the beautiful countryside.  At night we would take in all the food, wine, and beer the Germans have to offer.


You can sign up for one of Liza’s many classes on our schedule which you can find here.

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