Yoga Hints and Tips- Beginners

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At Wheel House, we aim to provide you with a well rounded workout so that you can go to our classes back to back and feel like you are working out your entire body.  Our athletic yoga classes are unique to Wheel House, and our instructors are all experts in their craft adding in their own flair here and there throughout a class.

I remember my first ever yoga class being a little petrified when I walked in not knowing a single person, or what to expect. I took my mat rolled it out and just waited for class to start, expecting that it would be a breeze, and I would just figure it out.  I was wrong, and wish I had a little guide that I could have referenced back then.  Today, this post is meant to give you a little encouragement, and guidance on what to expect and what to do in your first class.


Don’t Stress

Don’t stress or worry about if you don’t know what you are doing, or if others are looking at you.  First, everyone has been there before not knowing what they are doing, even your instructor! Instructors, just like those in the class with you had to start somewhere, they were beginners and new to yoga at one point too try to keep that in mind.  Second, the only person that is looking at you is your instructor, and they are watching everyone in the room to make sure you are doing the poses correctly, and are not going to injure yourself.

Check for a Level 1- or Beginner class

Here at Wheel House we offer yoga based on either a Level 1-2, or a Level 2 class.  For a person new to yoga, we recommend signing up for our 1-2 class as that is more introductory, and is tailored more for those newer to yoga.  Also be sure to talk with our front desk, they know which instructors might be best for your specific situation, and can help in assisting you to pick the class that is right for you.


Listen to your instructor, and listen to your body! Your instructor is a trained professional, and knows how each sequence they teach is meant to help your body. They are also very much aware that some people are new to yoga and might need some extra help, so they will be at the front and demonstrate for you.  Listen to what they are coaching you through, your breathing, your muscle movement, listen and focus on the workout.  Listen to your body! You know your body and you know what you can and cannot do, but don’t say you cannot do something until you try- you might surprise yourself!

Come to class Early

Just as any other new fitness class, it is important to arrive to class early.  When you get to class early, you are able to relax and settle into the class without that extra stress of not finding a spot, or walking in and disrupting others.  Arriving early also allows you to talk to your instructor before class about any questions, or health related issues you might have that they should know about.  It allows the instructor the chance to know who you are so they can be sure you are following along and in proper position throughout the class, they might even suggest a place in the room for you to practice.

Bring Water

Stay hydrated! Here at Wheel House, our yoga classes are taught in a room that is slightly heated, I am not talking 100+ degrees, but the room is warm which helps you sweat more and when we sweat we need to be sure to replenish our bodies with plenty of water!

Get to the Studio

Just showing up to the studio is the most important part! Getting to the studio can be difficult, and we can always find excuses to not workout and not put ourselves first,  but once you make that step you will feel 100 times better!

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