Benefits of Spin Class

Here at Wheel House we are huge fans of Rhythm based Spin classes, not just because we have some of the best instructors, but also because of the killer workout you get from a 45 minute class.  45 minutes might seem like a long time to be working out to some, but once you step into our bike studio, and get on your bike, you will be surprised at how fast the time goes!  I still remember my first class here at Wheel House! I swore I was going to be carried out by the staff for passing out, but after those first 15 minutes I felt a sudden urge of adrenaline and eagerness to push through and before I knew it the last 30 minutes flew by and we were stretching.

Here are some of the top 5 benefits that taking a Wheel House Rhythm class will give you!


Low Impact

Spin class is a great alternative to your regular high impact workouts, it provides a killer workout without the strain that is put on your body.  Many people will still be able to attend spin class after having knee surgery because while the motion is still repetitive like running, the pressure put on your joints is not as harsh.

Body Workout

Spin classes, especially those taught here at Wheel House, utilize your entire body! Your legs are the obvious part that is being worked out especially those larger muscle groups- hamstrings, thighs, and calves, but those are the only muscles being worked out.  Your abs are getting a workout in- especially when it comes to standing upright with your hips hoovering over the saddle! Engaging your core is essential to getting the best workout possible when on the bike.

Mental Distraction

Jumping on to the stationary bike, listening to your instructor shout out various cues to you, and listening to the loud music with your eyes closed. That is exactly what energizes so many people who regularly attend a spin class, and is what makes this workout class so unique.  On the spin bike, you are able to just close your eyes and go to your own space in your mind, listening to your instructor shout inspirational messages, or push you harder, you have this time in a dark room, where you are working your butt off to think, to let go, and just be.  It is a great way to block out all that happened that day in the office, or the frustrations at home, all that goes away for those 45 minutes you spend in the spin room, and when it ends you walk out feeling refreshed, a little (a lot!) sweaty, and at a peace of mind.

Push your Limits

We have all gone into a workout class before not feeling our best, and just patting our selves on the back for walking in.  Those are the days when I try to push myself even harder, because those are the days we need it most. Spin class is great because you are in control of your own resistance knobs which allows you to determine what your level 1-5 is, and how hard you want to push each class. We all get comfortable and in our zone, knowing just how far to turn the knob so we get just enough workout without pushing ourselves too much. My advice to you is next time turn that knob one extra turn and push yourself up that hill that is hard because you will be happy you did!

Burn Calories

Isn’t that the point of working out? Well for some of us yes, but others it is all that working out does.  When you take a 45 min spin class you are burning at least 550 calories! Maybe you just want to be able to eat that hamburger for lunch the next day, or maybe you understand the importance of burning calories and keep track of that, either way know you are getting a pretty great calorie burning workout in!

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