At Work Stretches


Stretching at work is a huge benefit to not only your health, but also your productivity.   When you take the time to step away from your desk, and computer, you give your mind a break to refresh and recharge.  Why not add in some stretching and a little bit of exercise throughout your busy day then to get the blood flowing throughout your body, helping to get those great ideas flowing?  If you make stretching at work part of your daily routine, then it becomes something that you will not only start to look forward to, but will also be improving your quality of work.

Simple at-work stretches and how to do them

Stand up and Sit down without using your hands:

This might sound silly, like something you did in grade school to show off with your friends, and not a stretch.  While you might have perfected this skill when you were younger, you might notice it is a little bit harder now.  This skill forces you to use those abdominal muscles and control your movement with your core in turn giving you a nice little exercise while moving your body.

 Torso Twist:

This is always a favorite and is as simple as it sounds.  Done by either sitting straight up in your chair or standing, twist from your torso to one side. When twisting be sure to grab the back of the chair with the opposite hand of the direction you are twisting, and be sure to twist to each side of the body!

 Leg Extensions:

To do this you are going to need adequate legroom, and to make sure your chair wont be wiggling around, so put that break on your rolling chair.  Sitting on the edge of your chair and place your hand on the seat to steady yourself, slowly lift both legs in front of you, making them parallel to the ground, and hold it. Repeat this a few times making sure to hold the legs out straight and lowering them slowly.

Head Roll:

We were all taught the head roll in PE class as children, and if you played on a sports team, chances are this was part of your warm up.  It is simple, all you do is slowly roll your head left, down, right, back and then switch directions after 2 or three slow rotations.

Lower Back Arch:

Simple to do when sitting in your chair in between emails, or phone calls, or even while making a phone call!  Siting down arch your back up towards the ceiling and just hold it feeling the stretch! Repeat as many times as you need.

 Hip Stretch:

While sitting up straight, put your left ankle on your right thigh and lean forward holding for about 20-30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat 2-3 times each leg.


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