Acceptance and Freedom: These are Nandi55’s philosophies for life and fitness. 

She believes that all people are beautiful inside and out, and uses her time in the saddle to encourage her students to accept themselves regardless of their background or fitness level.  Her goal during class is to give people the opportunity to be the best possible version of themselves while they work out, and to then take that same feeling with them into the world after class.

With a background in performance, Nandi55 choses music that is rhythmic, uplifting and moves her.  Nandi55 teaches classes throughout the day.  In the morning, she provides the burst of energy people need to get the day started.   Mid-day she gives her “lunchtime warriors” a break from the pressure of the morning so they can tackle what awaits them in the afternoon.  In her evening classes, she uses the high energy people bring when work is over to push them hard so the stress of the day melts away.  

Nandi55’s HIP HOP RHYTHM is  a WH RHYTHM class with a twist. You will be empowered and inspired by Nandi55 who will guide you through the “Core-ography” and upper body movements designed specifically to complement the lower body elements of a indoor cycling workout.

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